Local Activities – InterMediaKT – 19/4. Workshop: How to plan your eco trip?

Ecotourism adventure
Workshop: How to plan your eco trip?

Travelling was always present in the life of human beings, first travels or moving were for the fertile land, food, water and other sources. When we talk about travelling for fun and vacation it’s development increased with the industrial revolution and with the development of means of transportation. Development of tourism still lasts, but how much did we improve? And did we improve at all? Since people (we)are still not aware of eco-way of travelling and usually we all just follow the crowd, we got to the point of mass tourism that involves tens of thousands of people going to the same places often at the same time of year and usually has a lot of negative impacts on environment, local society, flora and fauna, and also it has a big impact on global warning. Mass tourism is totally the opposite of ecotourism.

During the workshop that was held in POS4work in Patras, Greece, participants had a chance to plan their trips, talk about travels and also about eco way of traveling. During this workshop an outcomes of an EEFECT were mentioned, this was a project whose general objective is to promote the youngsters and adults environmental education, especially ecotourism education as part of the education for an active citizenship.

Task for the participants was to plan a trip, so in small groups of two participants  planned their trips to the dream destinations.Later on. in the group all of the participants had a chance to present their trip plan to the other and to think about what was eco about their travels. Beside trip planning participants also tried to answer following questions -what is ecotourism and why is it so important?

After watching a video which presents 10 essential ‘rules’ how to be an eco traveller, discussion developed even further on what is eco-tourism, are we already an eco-travelers, what are the pros and cons of ecotourism. At the end the final conclusion was made that if you want to be the sustainable traveler you have to live a sustainable life as well.

Ecotourism adventure

May 23, 2019


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