Travelogue is a no profit organization working in the promotion of Umbria and the territory of Central Italy and its beauties at local and international level. The association is developing activities to promote European partnerships, exchange of knowledge between people and institutions, career guidance for youth and adults. Its main issues are: sustainable tourism, environmental protection, social entrepreneurship, social inclusion, skills development for youth and adults. 1) Promoting the territory of Umbria and local development through the enhancement of the cultural, environmental and naturalistic heritage and involving the human and professional resources that live here. 2) Fostering social inclusion and intercultural exchange, intergenerational dialogue, active citizenship and lifelong learning, through non-formal activities cooperating with other Italian and European organizations. 3) Encouraging local excellence, the “culture of work” and self-employment, job opportunities in innovative sectors, promoting the meeting with companies active at local and European level. 4) Promoting the autonomy of young people in search of work, the ability to self-guidance and self-promotion in their personal and professional growth. 5) Improving adult skills in their professional and social life, in order to promote key competences and active aging

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Emil Racovita Association

“Emil Racoviţă 2000” Youth Association was founded in April 2001,at the initiative of a group of young people willing to promote the values of the European democratic institutions and to encourage the volunteering activities in a society where this segment was only at its beginning. Despite the fact that the association is young,it works with important institutions in Vaslui county,such as the County Direction of Youth and Sports,Culture Inspectorate,local Police,Town Hall etc.

Most of its members are students of “E.Racoviţă” Theoretical High School,teachers,engineers,their youth and enthusiasm being a major factor in the actions that have been accomplished.Because the volunteering activity is new among the young people,our strategy is to promote this very important aspect of the civic life among the High school students.Consequently,its members usually get involved in partnerships with schools of the county and with the local public authorities in a series of projects,adding their experience acquired during the previous volunteer projects.

Interactive Media Knowledge Tranfer

InterMediaKT (Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer) is a non-profit organization working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship. Located in Patras, Greece, we provide an effective promotion of knowledge and vocational training through e-learning activities. What is more we are looking to expand our network of activities and partners on both a national and international level, believing in and pursuing exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how, along with the empowerment of a “citizen of the world” profile for EU citizens.

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CEDRA TOUR was founded in 2010, operates in tourism and at the moment has 8 employees.  CEDRA TOUR is one of the highest rated travel agencies in Bacau which has been actively involved in promoting the touristic potential of Romania. Through activities that were carried out since it was founded, CEDRA TOUR has tried to use the natural and historical resources in the North East Region  and  all around Romania, respecting the principles of sustainable tourism and focusing on quality  of services offered to tourists. At CEDRA, we excel at helping people get their holiday planned. Not just any holiday, but exceptional ones, filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences. Our travel partners excel at handcrafting and coordinating complex international luxury itineraries.

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Our Association was born after reflections on the analysis result and the comments made during international projects by teachers of different European countries (Martinique, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Madeira, Finland) and our scope is local and international for CIARA. Our field dimensions when we try to define it, are:

  • Social dimension. It is located in an area where there is delayed development compared to the national average, where social conditions are unequal
  • Intellectual dimension. We identified a significant number of people in need of catching both in terms of that behavior
  • Strategic dimension. The discussion and reflections take into account the problems that young people and their parents face. We propose actions that result from the analysis of the difficulties displayed. Mentoring, training, coaching are preferred shared as part of the association’s activities.


EPRALIMA’s mission is to train intermediate technicians, focusing on “know-how”, and aiming, as a Vocational School, to prepare them for the professional life as well as for their studies.

EPRALIMA is a non-profit institution of a private nature, which aims to provide added value in the training of young people, providing them with adequate vocational education. The Professional School of Alto Lima, in the performance of its activity, is subject to the scientific, pedagogical and functional supervision of the Ministry of Education. EPRALIMA, CIPRL, is an intermunicipal development project that pursues the following objectives:

  • To form intermediate frameworks necessary for local development.
  • Contribute to the reduction of dropout rates and school failure.
  • Enhancement of endogenous potential.
  • Revitalization of the social fabric in the light of equal opportunities.
  • Optimization of endogenous resources.


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