Online training allows students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that facilitate learning base skills associated to the preservation of nature and to the perception of the concept of ecotourism. In fact, in today’s world, the ideological dimension of ecotourism is very important for the development of environmental rules and environmental sustainability, as well as the ariseof an activity that can create wealth and bring added value.

Like this, online training should transmit a set of humanistic, scientific and technical knowledge in order to develop students’ vocational skillsaimed at raising awareness of the respect for the environment and for the exercise of a new “ECOTOURISM” activity.

Objectives of Online Training:

  • Understand the concept of ecotourism.
  • Identify ecotourism procedures.
  • Recognize the importance of ecotourism in the development of sustainable activity.
  • Identify forms of ecotourism in Portugal.
  • Justify the need for the existence of valuation/ preservation practices of nature in the context of ecotourism.
  • Project activities that follow the fundamentals of ecotourism.
  • Gain environmental values of sustainable development promotion.

Course Curriculum

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