Local Activities – “Emi Racoviță 2000” Youth Association – Eco-Trip at Maramureș villages and Gutâi Mountains

Our eco-trip combined light walking and picturesque sightseeing in the beautiful Maramureș villages with a day of slightly more challenging hiking in the scenic Gutâi Mountains nearby.
Maramureș is a region in northern Romania, surrounded by mountains and full of picturesque meadows and valleys, where people still wear their traditional clothes every day. The region is famous for the small timber houses with huge wooden entrance gates and for the wooden churches competing to reach the sky.

Duration: 4 days/ 3 nights
Period: 02-05.05.2019
Itinerary: Vaslui – Roman – Gura Humorului – Borsa –Vatra Dornei – Targu Neamt – Roman – Vaslui
Main touristic attractions: Hiking on Pietrosu Rodnei Mountain, Stiol Lake, Horses Waterfall, Merry Cemetery in Săpânța, Wooden Monastery at Barsana, TransRarău
Friends have asked about our trip and we always start by trying to describe the magic that we felt while in Maramures. It is like no other place to which we have travelled. All countries have great museums of which they are proud, of wonderful architecture to be photographed, of interesting history to be told, and of nature of great beauty. Indeed Romania has all of that. But it has something that the other places we visited do not have. It has Maramures.

Of course, we appreciated the trip to the museum in Sighetu Marmatiei and the Merry Sapanta Cemetery. And we were amazed by the beautiful UNESCO wooden churches.

You can see the waterfall from pretty far away and you start to realise its scale. The waterfall is 90 meters high. The water gathers in something similar to a pool on top of the mountain and from there it falls on the limestone mountain side, known as Horses Bridge, in several stages making it the biggest waterfall in Romania. We admired it from far away and from a close distance and took many photos.

We stayed tens of minutes there. There were quite a lot of tourists here as well. I recommend you take this trail back too because you have the opportunity to see some more picturesque landscapes typical of Rodnei Mountains. It takes no more than 30 minutes to get form the waterfall back to Borșa Resort, so this trail is also quite short. Like a walk in the park.

This trip allowed us to develop a more responsible attitude towards nature, we became more aware of the importance of preserving environment.
We also created a brochure, which will be used by “Emi Racoviță 2000” Youth Association to promote this destination to other tourists.

The trip to Maramures was so successful, that members of our Association decided to take another trip to another famous touristic area in Romania, Prahova Valley. This trip lasted 3 days, between 17 and 19 May 2019.

Our main touristic objectives were: Sfanta Ana Lake, Valea Cetatii Cave, Dimitrie Ghica Park, Peles Castle, the old centre Brasov and, of course, hiking and admiring the nature.

Lake Sfanta Ana (near Băile Tușnad) is one of the most magnificent natural treasures of our country, the only volcano lake in Central and Eastern Europe, formed in the bottom of Ciomatu Massif southern crater. Near the lake, in the northern crater, the Mohos peat bog is, where rare Ice Age relic plants are located. Both sights are part of the Mohos Nature Reserve. The area of the craters is protected, being included in the Natura 2000 network.

May 23, 2019


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