Local Activities – Epralima – Project “Caps for the Dinis”

EPRALIMA continues to support those in need of technical assistance, through the Program of Collection of Caps within the school community. The school community by depositing its plastic caps is contributing to the purchase of orthopedic equipment and treatments for Dinis and the action of recycling is contributing to the environmental and social balance of the community.
This initiative promotes the environmental sensitivity of young people leading them to adopt behavior aimed at ensuring a better environment.
Environmental Awareness aims to inform and clarify people about environmental problems and their possible solutions, seeking to transform citizens into active participants in the protection of natural values. Sensitization is therefore a fundamental component for the reflection of a more sustainable model of society, indispensable for exercising full citizenship, aiming at preserving the environment, this is one of EPRALIMA’s missions among young people.
The highlight of this initiative, occurred on 03/05/19, with the delivery of approximately 50kg of caps. This act will be repeated whenever a 50kg weight is reached, so that Dinis can dream again, acquire the orthopedic equipment and be able to pay for the necessary treatments to assist in mobility.

May 28, 2019


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