Local Activities – Ciara Martinique – Practical activities in the contex of eco-tourism

Practical activities in the context of eco-tourism

In recent years, we are facing an ecological problem. Martinique is invaded by algae (Sargassum) that fail on the east coast. The departmental authorities have alerted the government, which has not yet found the solution to this natural problem.
At our level, we try to clean the beaches of the territory close to our association by picking them up. Some of our members use them by putting them at the foot of citrus fruits to help them grow.

The reduction of waste is rather worrying in Martinique; this non-citizen approach is further accentuated by our insular (not to say carefree) temperament and it is therefore important to develop initiatives related to recycling.
The idea is to recycle used veils of round hulls around a project that would consist of recovering used sails from big yoles and baby yoles and giving them a second life by making various accessories.

This transformation would be performed our young people, hoping to recycle 80% of the sails and hulls to make unique pieces, we will not see anywhere else. It’s also a way to extend the history of round-robin races in the future.

May 23, 2019


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