Local Activities – Travelogue Association – Eco-walk: An ecological walk along the banks of the Fersinone

ECO-WALK: An ecological walk along the banks of the Fersinone

In pursuing the main objectives of the project “E.E.F.Ect. – European Education Fostering Ecotourism”, such as the promotion of environmental education among young people and adults, implementing in particular the development of ecotourism, as a starting point for the development of active citizenship, each project partner organization has carried out some activities/initiatives at local level, directly involving other local partners and stakeholders as well.
The Travelogue Association, in particular, has organized an Ecological Day for waste collection and a walk in the area called Vocabolo Cantine, not far from the centre of Marsciano (PG), along the Fersinone stream, which took place on the morning of Sunday 7 April 2019.
The project was carried out in collaboration with the students of the IIIA and IIIB classes of the Comprehensive Institute Salvatorelli-Moneta of Marsciano and with the Association Il Pozzo, carrying out an inspection of the area and a research on the environmental and cultural resources insistent on the area of the route, such as the Fersinone stream and the inhabited centers of Marsciano, Civitella dei Conti, Poggio Aquilone and Migliano, drawing on resources found on the web and in the Municipal Library of Marsciano.
The final event (ECO-WALK) which took place on 7 April 2019, was carried out under the patronage of the Municipality of Marsciano and in collaboration with S.I.A. Società Igiene Ambientale (Environmental Hygiene Society), with a collection of waste in the area and a walk of cultural/naturalistic interest, with information provided by the students of the Comprehensive Institute Salvatorelli-Moneta, in which various citizens of the area took part.
The event therefore had an ecological and tourist connotation, to obtain a re-evaluation of the area on multiple fronts, stimulating young people to observe and live their territory with other eyes.
Some students from the E.E.E.E.K. Institute of Volos (Greece), a training centre for students with disabilities or special educational needs also took part in the walk. The students have been hosted for two weeks by the Travelogue Association for the project “Professional Qualification Development in young students with special needs in Floriculture and Cooking”, funded by the Erasmus + Program.
The students of the High School have also collaborated in the realization of a roll-up entitled “The Decalogue of the Ecotourist”, with textual contributions and images, to indicate a list of correct behaviours to keep along the path, which was presented during the event and will also be used for other events in the area, both directly linked to the “E.E.F.Ect. – European Education Fostering Ecotourism” project or not, but which are nevertheless aimed at encouraging the development of ecological and sustainable tourism, widely spreading awareness of ecological and environmental issues.
The event was promoted in collaboration with the Press and Public Relations Office of the Municipality of Marsciano. It was organised in one of the two days of the “Fiera Verde 2019” event and included in the related program, participating also in the presentation day of the fair at the Dynamic Museum of Brickworks and Terracotta of Marsciano.

May 23, 2019


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