Training Course Mobility, Patras – Greece, 15/10 – 19/10/2018

EEFEct training on ecotourism brought together young people who love travelling and exploring new places! For those who love education and are eager to know different cultures and meet different people! But most importantly, it connected us who would like to make our travelling sustainable and impactful? Us, who like exploring technology and multimedia to unleash our creativity!

EEFEct training explored the different aspects of eco-tourism, using as a starting point, Achaia in Greece, the hosting region, participants immersed through three different areas. How? Take a look at our daily program.


Day 1: Ecotourism as an educational tool

You and me. The here, the then, the now! & Who is hosting us? Starting the week by meeting each other and getting to know the place which was hosting us, Patras in Greece, we then moved on to reviewing the project: EEFEct: is this a typo? After establishing the goals, expectations and rules of the team, we explored our traveler profiles, by illustrating our ideal destination: Who am I? A tourist!

Day 2: Ecotourism, branding and online tools, aka. tecotourism

Ecotourism as an entrepreneurial drive!  What does green economy and sustainable development mean? Our dearest expert, Nasos Koskinas guided us through the landscape of ecotourism in Greece, using best practices from the country. Tecotourism: wait, is that a thing? Using the power of imagination, we crated the word tecotourism to explore the power of technology, online tools and the individual in ecotourism. We also came up with some ways of combining them in the society!

After this we were ready to get to know the triangle of ecotourism: environmental awareness + local communities + sustainability. The best way of applying our knowledge was…to create our own cases studies. We imagined our civilizations: zombies living sustainably, monsters cultivating wind power with their bare hands and ghosts recovering in a post-war era by using their power of invisibility as an extreme sport (free-fall) for their visitors.

Day 3: Ecotourism as an entrepreneurial drive for local development

Telling a story, creating the myth! Ecotourism explored thematically with our dear expert, Sotiris Bolis who guided us through the potential of ecotourism as a tool for local development. Through the exploration of the local gastronomy, history and culture, we immersed in the creation of a full branding campaign, via festivals, cultural events and of course the media. Then we got our hands dirty by telling our story, creating our myth, digitally! Using the lessons of these day, we designed unique festivals for our unique civilizations and we exploited video and multimedia. With the assistance of enthusiastic volunteers, we explored digital storytelling, by creating our own video.

Day 4: Ecotourism as an entrepreneurial drive for local development

This was a day to be enjoyed by young and old alike. An amazing learning experience outdoors, exploring a magical itinerary of Achaia. We left the city for a while to visit the Vouraikos gorge, o the way up by taking the historic “Odontotos” train and on the way down 12 km of beautiful scenery lied ahead of us to explore…on foot! In between, we visited the majestic Lakes Cave, with stalactites and stalagmites being formed over millions of years. Our energy batteries were filled in the village of Kalavryta.


Day 5: Ecotourism, as an educational tool, a drive for local development and tecotourism

Our dearest Greg Archimandritis joined us to guide us in the world of social media: Let’s be social! We explored social media as a tool for education, dissemination, exploitation and more. We saw the elements of a successful social media campaign, the do’s and don’ts and many more. Then we thought Let’s be active! We kept perfecting our festival by using the tools and methods, we had learnt so far. After the experience of the previous day we were now ready to contribute with our fresh ideas to the design of the next “En Surmo” festival.

As all good things come to an end, we had to say our Farewell, but not the usual way. We celebrated our getting together with an intercultural event, which involved all sorts of good food, drinks, dances and beautiful moments. But before that, we thought Let’s be visible! by showing our work of the week to our organizations and the friends who visited us. After all, this was the main goal of the EEFEct training: to explore What am I? A powerful network!

January 11, 2019


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