Newsletter #1 - April 2018

Did you know that ecotourism and education are in a relationship?

Yes, it's exactly like that! And the name of this intense story is EEFEct (European Education Fostering Ecotourism) - a project that, through the exchange of good practices and research on environmental conditions of the countries involved, wants to enhance environmental education, especially ecotourism education as
a part of education for an active citizenship.

The aim of the project...

Among the main goals, the project foresees to provide a nature-based, environmental eco-education experience; to promote conservation and ecological ethics, in order to create stronger pro-environmental attitudes; to offer, through
ecotourism practice experiences, a great opportunity for education, as well as professional and personal growth; to create a space of reflection and internationalisation for ecotourism as an educational learning experience.
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Our latest news

Kick-off meeting
Vaslui, Romania / 15-17 November 2017

Defining the strategy is the first step for great results. This was the aim of the kick-off meeting of the project, that also included an International Open Conference for the local community.

2nd Transnational meeting
Acros de Valdevez, Portugal / 7-10 March 2018

Work in progress - Analysing the implementation phases of the project, the evaluation tools, and moving ahead for next activities!

Training Course Mobility
Acros de Valdevez, Portugal / 4-10 March 2018

Have you ever heard about our "Green Aula" Workshop? This is the way we deal with non-formal education on ecotourism aspects! Discover it, and watch the video interviews of participants!
Below, you can find the video-testimonials of the “Green Aula” participants, coming from Greece, France, Romania, Portugal and Italy!
Portugal, France-Martinique, Italy, Greece and Romania
are the countries involved in 
EEFEct project.
But who are the actors who are working hard to make ecotourism education possible?
Let's discover them!

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